Savvy Teens

Every parent and teen has dreams and aspirations for the future. Whether your teen’s interests are academics, arts or sports, using great social skills compliments everything we do.

Adolescents are bombarded with mixed messages from the media and their daily communication is driven via text messages.

Many valuable social skills are underdeveloped and not always recognized by teens as the standard of leadership.

To realize their full potential teens need to practice:

  • The ability to introduce oneself and maintain eye contact
  • Learn the knack to develop a conversation
  • Responsibility and preparedness at home, school, work & extra curricular activities

The earlier these skills are implemented into their daily lives, the greater the benefits. Ultimately social skills influence:

  • Self confidence and leadership skills
  • Lasting and meaningful relationships
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Lower incidents of bullying and violence

Schedules have imposed a new structure for dining styles and dinner conversation. Habits are difficult to change. Implementation of good skills promotes greater benefits as teen’s transition into adulthood.

Socially Savvy engages teens by relating to their world utilizing popular culture-thru games, videos, music and themes from television series to demonstrate the impact and correlation of social skills.

Giving a teen self assurance is a priceless gift.

Everyday Etiquette

  • Meetings and Greetings
  • Body Language & Eye Contact
  • Attentive Listening Skills
  • Appreciation & Gratitude
  • Creating Conversation
  • Words & Phrases to Avoid
  • Effective Telephone Skills
  • Posture and Presence
  • Acts of kindness
  • Understanding different People
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Words of Respect
  • The Value of Honesty
  • Sportsmanship
  • Thank You Notes
  • Host and Hostess Responsibilities
  • Taking Your Seat Properly
  • Interpreting Place Settings
  • Utensil Knowledge and Proper Use
  • Handling Napkins, Glasssware and Place Settings
  • Appropriate Dinner Conversation
  • Excusing Yourself and Others from the table
  • Birthday Parties
  • Gracious Host and Guest Responsibilities
  • Movie Theater Etiquette
  • Impromptu Meetings
  • Knowledge of Public Places
  • Restaurant Behavior
  • Extending and Receiving Invitations
  • Declining Invitations