Savvy Children

Socially Savvy helps young people develop self confidence, civility and respect for others. Our social enrichment programs inspire students to become leaders.

We teach students to stand out for all the right reasons:

  • Introduce themselves with confidence and ease
  • Distinguished physical and verbal poise
  • Develop meaningful conversations with every generation
  • Use appropriate dining skills in any circumstance and setting at home, school, or restaurants
  • Integrate expressions of courtesy into their daily life
  • Build lasting relationships and acceptance of others
  • Accept responsibility for their actions at home and school
  • Adhere to dress codes and maintain personal hygiene

Socially Savvy programs are customized to fit any group’s needs and accommodate varying learning styles. Our curriculum is infused with activities, dancing, games, guest speakers, music, role-playing exercises, stories, and videos.

Students learn to interact with others and participate in positive, upbeat activities that create confidence, grace, and pride.

Instilling youth with great interpersonal skills is the building block for achievement and promotes healthy academic, personal and social growth. There’s a world beyond your block – Socially Savvy prepares students to transform dreams into realities.


Everyday Etiquette
Introducing Yourself/The Seven Ingredients of a Great Introduction™
Eye Contact/ Posture/ Leadership Voice/ Shaking Hands
Remembering Names/Introducing a Friend/Grown Up Titles
Introducing Adults/Introducing an Adult and Friend/ Name Badges

Developing Meaningful Conversation/ Public Speaking

Courtesies that Count
Giving Compliments/ Receiving Compliments/Practice Kindness/Writing a Thank You Note

Topics for Ages 6-12

  • Shaking Hands and Making Introductions
  • Maintaining Eye Contact
  • Showing Respect to Others – Adults, Elderly and Important Figures
  • Starting Conversations and Meeting new People
  • Listening Skills
  • Body Language
  • Showing Appreciation and Gratitude
  • Making and Receiving Phone Calls

  • Acts of kindness
  • Understanding different People
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Words of Respect
  • The Value of Honesty
  • Sportsmanship
  • Thank You Notes

  • Host and Hostess Responsibilities
  • Taking Your Seat Properly
  • Interpreting Place Settings
  • Utensil Knowledge and Proper Use
  • Handling Napkins, Glasssware and Place Settings
  • Appropriate Dinner Conversation
  • Excusing Yourself and Others from the table

  • Birthday Parties
  • Gracious Host and Guest Responsibilities
  • Movie Theater Etiquette
  • Impromptu Meetings
  • Knowledge of Public Places
  • Restaurant Behavior
  • Extending and Receiving Invitations
  • Declining Invitations