Restorative Justice

Reintegrating into society can be a daunting process and a challenging journey. Learning and understanding the power of social skills facilitates positive growth.

Socially Savvy programs build confidence and prepare individuals to rebuild their life. Successful transitions occur by adhering to social norms. Our programs empower individuals to achieve basic needs:

  • Securing housing
  • Applying for a job
  • Repairing family relationships
  • Accepting responsibility at home, work and school

Socially Savvy teaches interpersonal skills that are the foundation for restoring lives and bridges the gap between social services and success.

Social skills benefits include:

  • Knowing how to confidently make introductions and engage in appropriate and meaningful conversation in personal, employment and community involvement
  • Adhering to dress codes and the understanding the importance of personal hygiene
  • Using proper vocabulary, language and sentence structure
  • Exhibiting proper body language and eye contact
  • Developing the necessary traits for work, school and self reliance
  • Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for an interview, job application and the work world
  • Utilizing appropriate dining techniques

Integrating social skills into daily life empowers individuals to take the next step in their lives and avoid being a statistic of recidivism.

Social skills and building self confidence are the integral ingredients for success.