Men’s fashion 101: 5 helpful tips to dress well

Whether a man likes it or not, he needs to know how to dress well. Every man should value and be able to look well and presentable in order to succeed in the workplace, especially if their position demands them to interact with people frequently.

With no proper fashion guidelines, men’s style can be difficult to grasp. Given that there are no set standards for fashion, many men frequently commit certain fashion crimes by doing some combinations that aren’t pleasing to the eye.

Aside from teaching individuals about good manners, Socially Savvy also offers some useful fashion advice. Following that, here are some advice on how to have an outstanding fashion sense that will help a man feel more confident.

Have a personal style

Not all men interpret ‘looking well’ in the same way. What works for one man may not work for another. With that, people should start designing their own wardrobe by deciding on their personal style.

Men should determine what fits their personalities and then experiment with it until they have come up with their own unique style and wardrobe suggestions.

Get classic shirts 

Men can always be prepared with a collection of traditional shirts. For casual occasions, they can try having a navy chambray or traditional plaid flannel shirt instead of a T-shirt.

Dress shirts shouldn’t be too loose to billow out over the sides but they also shouldn’t be too tight to hug one’s form. That way, they can always look good because they have a variety of well-fitting shirts that they can wear for every occasion.

Invest in timeless wardrobe pieces 

To wear them at any moment, men should make sure their wardrobes include timeless pieces. Along with having some practical items, people should make sure the clothing they choose is of high quality so that it will last for many years.

Men ought to stock up on a few basic well-fitting T-shirts, fashionable jeans, chinos, and a selection of sweaters. For more formal events, notably, dress shirts, a classic blazer, and a well-fitting navy suit are also essential.

Observe proper hygiene 

Men should also take care of their skin and hair, even though clothes make a great first impression. They should cleanse and moisturise their skin every day to keep it looking naturally healthy.

To maintain themselves smelling fresh, they should also apply deodorant with modest but male scents. They may also try to pair it with a fantastic men’s cologne to leave a great impression.


Accessories may elevate their ensemble if they are used properly. They should invest in accessories that can be worn with all of their clothing. Watches, ties, belts, and sunglasses are some of those that they may wish to have.

These are only a few Socially Savvy suggestions that might make guys appear more stylish and attractive. Men can feel more secure about how they look and express themselves by keeping these in mind in addition to understanding proper etiquette!

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