How to improve your social skills

There is nothing worse than engaging in a social situation where you’ve felt awkward and embarrassing. Once you go home, the thought of mortifying yourself in front of your friends slowly creeps on you. You start overthinking how you shook someone’s hand, how you accidentally asked an inappropriate question in an attempt to contribute to the conversation and how you stood in corners for hours. How do you take these crippling thoughts away? 

Just like any other aspect of your life, your social skills are extremely important in your daily routine. Here at Socially Savvy, we will teach you how to further develop them and become better when interacting with other people! Check them out below:

Take it easy

When it comes to improving your social skills, you don’t always have to start big. This doesn’t mean to say that you should start throwing big parties, befriending every stranger you see on the train and interacting with all of your Twitter followers. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it’s important to start small. 

For instance, when you’re out shopping for groceries, initiate a small talk with the cashier. When they ask you about your day, try to lengthen your answer instead of giving them one-word replies. You never know, you might make great friends in the process!

Give compliments

One of the best ways to break the ice is to give people compliments, even if you don’t know them. Just make sure that they aren’t that busy or involved in other activities. If you’re on a train ride home and you like a person’s shirt, politely tell them about it. You can try to keep it going by asking them where they bought it and other questions that are not too personal and intruding.

When you genuinely give compliments, it somehow proves that you’re a friendly person. Just always make sure that you don’t cross any lines and make your admirations sound back-handed!

Pay attention to what you say

Some people are extremely social, but that doesn’t mean they are automatically doing great at it. Most of them often make the mistake of complaining, oversharing personal stories and giving unsolicited advice they end up offending someone. Even if they do things out of good intention, they might come off the wrong way to other people.

This is why you should always pay attention to what you say, especially when you’re in a new crowd. Try to stay cheerful, kind and loving when talking to other people no matter your relationship. Keep in mind that people often gravitate towards someone easy to talk with!

But don’t overthink what you say that it ends up backfiring and make you even more awkward. Also, it helps to remember their names and little details about them.

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