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Hilary Brennan: Etiquette Expert for your Contemporary World

Socially Savvy was founded in 2009 following certification at The Etiquette and Leadership Institute an affiliate of The Protocol School of Washington.

Savvy Children

Socially Savvy helps young people develop self confidence, civility and respect for others.

Savvy Teens

Whether your teen’s interests are academics, arts or sports, using great social skills compliments everything we do.

Savvy Adults

SOCIALLY SAVVY can customize our curriculum to fit any client’s needs:

Restorative Justice

Learning and understanding the power of social skills facilitates positive growth.

Develop your etiquette skills and manners with Socially Savvy

Navigating through the world of social situations can be difficult. From meetings, birthday parties, job interviews to formal dinners and even talking on the phone, social etiquette is never easy to develop, even if people are naturally social creatures. Some of you might have experienced going home because you can’t bear the awkwardness, while others have suffered social anxiety disorder that can take a great toll on one’s wellbeing.

Luckily, Socially Savvy is here to make your social life a lot better. With classes that focus on creating meaningful conversations and developing effective telephone skills, you’re set to improve on yourself and take things to a new level. 

We also customize our classes based on our clients’ needs. If you want to focus more on workplace etiquette, we can focus on words and phrases to avoid and proper behaviour to display when interacting with coworkers.  You can also learn about dining etiquette so you know how to pass the dishes and what utensils to use, depending on the meal.

Interested to take our classes? Here’s why you should pursue it:

Boost your confidence

It’s hard to become a social butterfly if you have low confidence and self-esteem. You will find it difficult to make new friends, much less speak your name without mumbling the words. Besides, you’ll have embarrassing moments that could keep you up at night and discourage you from attending parties.

However, with etiquette classes, you can become more confident when meeting new people! This would help you say the right words at the right time, helping you start meaningful connections in the long run. 

Helps you avoid misunderstandings

There are situations where you’ve had good intentions but someone took it the wrong way. You spend a lot of time overexplaining yourself which makes you seem like you’re guilty and overdefensive, straining your relationship in the process. Although you’re truly apologetic, it’s hard to take back what you’ve said and fix the situation. 

Learning the art of social communication and etiquette can help you avoid misunderstanding. You’d learn the proper words and body language to use by enhancing your communication, helping you avoid conflicts.

Improves your empathy

When you’re too stressed with your hurdles, it’s hard to consider other people’s feelings. It’s much easier to downplay their needs and concerns simply because you’re struggling, which can make you look like a bad person. If you’re already having a hard time, why should you make things harder for you?

One of the best things about taking etiquette classes is that it greatly improves your empathy. You’ll learn how to be more compassionate and respectful, even if you’re having the worst day of your life. Your relationships will also improve and remain for a long time!