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Everyone Has a Story: Giving digitally raised children much-needed face-to-face time

Press of Atlantic City Staff Writer

Students today need more help developing face-to-face social skills than previous generations did, said Stone Harbor’s Hilary Brennan, because so much of their communication is via text and email.



Belle of the Ball presents: 5 Ways to Impress a Lady on the First Date

Written by Samantha Cleaver

So often I hear men say that they’ve been on hundreds of first dates, but very few second dates. It’s no mystery that a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. It is also very easy to make a mistake. But fear not gentlemen, with these five easy steps you will be on your way to a second date in no time.



Stepping Out In Style: Etiquette TIps for the Prom

Etiquette tips for the promNo other school event rivals the anticipation and excitement for both students and parents. The prom is the chance to dress our best, celebrate friendships and create memories that will define the high school experience. But be careful: Students caught up in the social frenzy of prom planning may not realize that the evening will test their “social IQ” on multiple levels: invitations, introductions, host and guest duties, conversations, attire and dining manners.



Never Under-Estimate the Power of Etiquette in the Application Process

Winning the admissions game is easier when students understand, know and use proper etiquette during each step of the application process. While the “admissions machine” has been streamlined with the common application, online inquiries and virtual tours – outstanding etiquette can be your secret weapon to influence an acceptance and achieve admission to your dream school.

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11 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

Written by Samantha Cleaver

From filling stockings to filling up on pie, the holiday season can reinforce the “gimme-gimme” attitude in all of us. This year, set aside a little time to practice gratitude, empathy and thoughtfulness with your family with these 11 ways to remember what truly matters.

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