RSVPs – Responding in Style

BalloonsInevitably the holiday season brings invitations for a variety of parties – corporate, family, or friends. Respond to each and every invitation as though it’s an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding! Someone thought you were special and your company is so enjoyable that they felt your presence would make the occasion special. Don’t under estimate the time, preparation and expense of an event and fail to respond – you can create confusion, hurt feelings and find yourself excluded from future invites by failing to take the time to respond.

Regardless of the method of the invitation- via email, text or stunning stationary – be thoughtful and take time to check your calendar and contact the host or hostess in a timely manner.  The literal translation of RSVP stems from the French language and has been the universal code for centuries meaning Respondez Vous S’il Vous Plait – Please Respond – embrace the tradition!

Savvy Tips for RSVP’s

  1. When an invitation arrives, check your calendar and contact the host within 7 days from the time you receive or before the requested response date outlined on the invitation and promptly accept or decline.
  2. The optimum method for an RSVP is always by phone – never under estimate the value of calling and personally thanking the host or hostess for thoughtfully including you in the guest list. This call provides the opportunity to catch up with the host/hostess and gather important details- it can help you decide on a small and meaningful gift for the host or hostess, the chance to learn important personal updates minimizing embarrassing faux pas and generate ideas for stimulating conversation topics for the upcoming event.
  3. If you have a conflict its okay to tell the host or hostess (depending on the style of the event) that you may be able to come for a condensed period as long as you explain the circumstances and are clear about your time restraints when you call to RSVP.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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