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An opinion is formed within seconds upon first meeting you, be a standout and make a lasting and positive impression with the guidance of SOCIALLY SAVVY. Proper etiquette skills and effective communication enables you to emerge as a leader in your educational, professional and social endeavors.

This is a unique period in the world- time honored verbal, written and unspoken practices that were once upheld with distinction have been displaced by an increasingly casual mindset.

Globally generations are dealing with the fallout, countless aspects of our daily life have been touched by this shift in our homes, schools, communities and workplaces. Simultaneously the technology boom, shift in world markets and the adaption of four generations and multiple cultures interfacing in the workplace strain our preparedness.

The consequences can have immediate and lasting economic and social repercussions. Parents, teachers and employers struggle to maintain decorum and rise above the disintegration of manners and civility in daily life.

SOCIALLY SAVVY teaches individuals to make the best presentation of themselves and by refining their interpersonal skills and etiquette knowledge in our modern world.