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Everyone Has a Story: Giving digitally raised children much-needed face-to-face time

Press of Atlantic City Staff Writer

Students today need more help developing face-to-face social skills than previous generations did, said Stone Harbor’s Hilary Brennan, because so much of their communication is via text and email.



Never Under-Estimate the Power of Etiquette in the Application Process

Winning the admissions game is easier when students understand, know and use proper etiquette during each step of the application process. While the “admissions machine” has been streamlined with the common application, online inquiries and virtual tours – outstanding etiquette can be your secret weapon to influence an acceptance and achieve admission to your dream school.

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Outclass The Competition

The fall season is marked by a flurry of admissions activities as schools throughout the country rollout the red carpet and welcome perspective families for open houses, visitation days, receptions and tours. Regardless of your academic goals- boarding, charter, private, or religious - kindergarten thru college, the stakes and emotions run high and the tension can be cut with a knife in admissions reception areas. For years parents have obsessed about grades, standardized test scores, and scholarships.

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Hilary Brennan: Etiquette Expert for your Contemporary World

Hilary BrennanHilary Brennan has taught hundreds of individuals to be more confident and prepared in business and social situations. Founder of Socially Savvy, the tri-state area etiquette resource, Hilary is dedicated to empowering individuals to develop their interpersonal skills, improve their personal brand and refine their professionalism. Socially Savvy specializes in customized leadership training programs for individuals, corporations, schools, universities, and organizations to refine their knowledge of etiquette for business, interviewing, dining and networking.

Socially Savvy was founded in 2009 following certification at The Etiquette and Leadership Institute an affiliate of The Protocol School of Washington.

Socially Savvy utilizes the same teaching materials as in our nation’s capital.

Designed to fit any size group, the key element to Socially Savvy programs is the interactive format and enthusiasm that Hilary brings to the customized classes. She is passionate about maximizing each student’s potential and preparing them for our global workplace.

After serving for a decade at Sancoa International in Lumberton, NJ as a liaison for production, sales support to Fortune 500 clients and international vendors / suppliers, Hilary had the inspiration to start her own venture.

Socially Savvy has been featured on WPVI Channel 6, Fox 29 “Good Day”, The Philadelphia Inquirer and WPHT 1210 “The Big Talker” with Dom Giordano.


Savvy Programs

Our programs are custom designed and tailored to the specific needs of each client or group with the focus on building leadership skills, self confidence and social awareness. Courses are presented in a fun and interactive format using demonstrations, props, activities and role playing exercises and are available for children, teens and adults. Instructive workbooks and reference guides are also available.

RSVPs – Responding in Style

BalloonsInevitably the holiday season brings invitations for a variety of parties – corporate, family, or friends. Respond to each and every invitation as though it’s an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding! Someone thought you were special and your company is so enjoyable that they felt your presence would make the occasion special. Don’t under estimate the time, preparation and expense of an event and fail to respond – you can create confusion, hurt feelings and find yourself excluded from future invites by failing to take the time to respond.

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An opinion is formed within seconds upon first meeting you, be a standout and make a lasting and positive impression with the guidance of SOCIALLY SAVVY. Proper etiquette skills and effective communication enables you to emerge as a leader in your educational, professional and social endeavors.

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